Project aim

The aim of the TOBIG foundation is building an independent and open access educational platform on biomaterials for bone healing. With the set-up of the TOBIG platform, we aim to become the community for all HCP’s using biomaterials for treatment of bone defects to improve their clinical abilities in order to help their patients, by absorbing and sharing knowledge and experiences. Next to providing basic and conceptual information of bone, bone healing, fracture healing, bone grafts and biomaterials for bone healing we also provide a forum where material scientists, researchers and clinicians can meet and interact. In addition lectures on bone and biomaterials from key-opinion leaders will be made available to the visitors and users of the platform. Animations and an event calendar will also be kept up to date for the community.

By improving biomaterial education and stimulate discussion between HCPs, TOBIG improves patient outcome of clinical application of biomaterials for bone healing.

Further information can be found in our Positioning Statement document.