Structural properties

Porosity 2,16-17

  • Refers to the fraction of the volume of voids within the material over the total material volume
  • Macro porosity
    • Pores > 100 µm -400 µm
    • Provides a scaffold for bone cell colonization
  • Micro porosity
    • Pores < 10 µm
    • Allows body fluid circulation (proteins)
    • Allows blood vessel ingrowth (< 30 µm decreased tissue infiltration
  • Surface porosity
    • Pores only on surface area
    • Mechanically stronger
  • Interconnective porosity
    • Pores throughout entire structure
    • Mechanical weaker
  • Porosity allows for mechanical interlocking between the implant biomaterials and host bone
  • Rules of thumb:
    Strength:       Interconnective porosity mechanical weaker compared to surface porosity
    Resorption:  Interconnective porosity resorbs faster compared to surface porosity
    Degradation:Interconnective porosity degrades faster compared to surface porosity